Southeast of Catba island and a part of the extended Ha Long bay, Lan Ha is like a forgotten gorgeous princess. With fjord like landscape – emerald waters surrounded by tower karst with tiny isolated beaches, ideal for kayaking, Lan Ha bay satisfies the hunger to venture in vast ocean while gives a better depth into fishing culture in North East Vietnam.

An integral part of the big area including Ha Long bay in the middle, Bai Tu Long bay in the Northeast and Lan Ha bay in the Southeast, the bay possesses karst formation as stunning as Ha Long while keeping peaceful and quiet atmosphere of a less populated area. Due to less volume of marketing and promotion, Lan Ha remains being an unspoiled beauty.

With the area of 7000 ha embraced by more than 400 islands of all sizes and shapes along with 137 sandy beaches, Lan Ha bay overwhelms visitors with a natural grandiose vibe. Different from Ha Long bay, all islands in Lan Ha are covered by green trees, including very small islets.

As part of Cat Ba archipelago, there are varied floating villages in this area. Coming here you not only have chance to be refreshed in nature but also get a sense of an exotic culture lived by people devoted their life to the wild ocean in many ways. Once in a while, a squid fishing boat will pass by, waiting to be captured by your camera and memory.

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