Catba Langur as one of the rarest primates in the world are highly protected via an international project. We rarely see them.

Yes. Monkeys prefer beaches with wild pineapple trees. In Cat Ba there is a beach called “Cát Dứa” (Sandy Pineapples) which is home to a group of 35 monkeys of different ages.

The monkeys are used to humans so they are very fun and mischievous.

Our kayaking destinations are well chosen after many FAM trips. We avoid dangerous open sea areas to ensure safety to all guests, and at the same time challenging enough for more adventurous kayakers.

We have 2 different kinds of kayak – plastic kayaks that are easier to float and composite ones that are more stable in wavy environment.

Water in the bay in general ranges from 3 meter to 15 meter. The most shallow parts are lagoons which can be accessed by kayaking.

We can pick you up from different hotels in Catba island

In Vietnamese langauge, “Lan” has 2 meanings. As a noun it means “orchild” (Hoa Lan), as an adjective it means “deep blue”. Lan Ha is like the deep blue part of Ha Long bay with crystal clear water..

“Catba” is a mispronunciation-turn-to-common usage from “Cac Ba” which means “Women”. In the past, Cat Ba is one of war fighting areas in North Vietnam. The men gather in the opposite island named “Các ông” (The men), which is also mispronouned into “Cat Ong. The women stay in the bigger island and form an encouraging  team for their important people.

Geographically speaking, Lan Ha bay is like an extension of the greater area including Ha Long bay in the centre, Lan Ha bay in the South and Bai Tu Long bay in the North.

The mountains in Lan Ha bay have rugged features and high diversity of vegetation system, as an integral part of Catba Biosphere.

There are more than 30 sandy beaches all over the area which are ideal for swimming, kayaking around or a secluded overnight stay.

Thanks to being close to Catba, there are various fishing villages that have been here for decades, forming a distinctive culture hard to find anywhere else in Vietnam and the world.

Catba and Lan Ha bay has various beauties in different seasons of the year. It is calm in winter, lively in spring, vibrant in summer and tranquil in autumn. Yet to make the most of your trip, we recommend going in autumn, around August till November when the high season is over and water is crystal clear.