Southeast of Catba island and a part of the extended Ha Long bay, Lan Ha is like a forgotten gorgeous princess. With fjord like landscape – emerald waters surrounded by tower karst with tiny isolated beaches, ideal for kayaking, Lan Ha bay satisfies the hunger to venture in vast ocean while gives a better depth

A 262 square km within the Biosphere Reserve, Catba national park is one of very rare areas with both terrestrial and marine eco-system. For expedition seekers who look for exotic landscape, the national park features limestone narrow valleys and & rugged hills. With a rich variety of flora and fauna including deer, civets, black squirrels

A scenic village 30 minute ride from Catba, Lien Minh is well-known by locals for cattle specialties and foreign visitors for exotic landscape which is origin of the nickname “Butterfly Valley”. In local language, Lien Minh means alliance, a name describing perfectly the close-knit relationship between more than 20 households of this small yet adorable

Viethai (literrally means Vietnamese Ocean) is a charming rural village located wholesale nfl jerseys on the edge of Catba archipelago. Separated from Weihnachten… other communes in the island, there is an unique vibe to it as if Viethai was sports just moved from a peaceful rural cheap nfl jerseys area in Northeast Vietnam. Even though

Located Cat 10 Jerseys minutes from Catba Hospital town is a destination whose name resembles grand cheap nba jerseys war scars – Canon Fort. Dotted along the way del are locals with refreshing faces and swift posture walking up a lovely cheap nba jerseys curve surrounded by green cheap nba jerseys lines on two sides

About 10km away from Catba town on main island road heading to the national park, compra “Hang Quân Y” (literally translated as “Hospital Cave”) has been a history witness of Cat Ba for nearly 7 decades. Along Die with Canon Fort in the Southeast direction, this site adds deeper insight to the fascinating history Cat

Located on the verge wholesale jerseys of Catba town, Cai Beo floating village is the most vibrant fishing area in the island. wholesale mlb jerseys With wholesale jerseys 400 f?r households and nearly 600 people from nearby areas devoted to this land generation after generation, Cai Beo has grown a sub-culture of its own which