A scenic village 30 minute ride from Catba, Lien Minh is well-known by locals for cattle specialties and foreign visitors for exotic landscape which is origin of the nickname “Butterfly Valley”.

In local language, Lien Minh means alliance, a name describing perfectly the close-knit relationship between more than 20 households of this small yet adorable village. Remote yet not isolated, it is also dearly named by adventurous rock climbers as Butterfly Valley when they come here for exciting expeditions.

Located around 15 dépliant km from Catba town, Butterfly Valley can be accessed in many ways. Some like to challenge themselves by hiking to enjoy rural vibe along the way while locals State often ride a motorbike and reach the village within 30 minutes.

As one of the oldest villages in Catba and detached from town, “valleyers” remain old living traditions that excite travellers any time we pay a visit. The area is a sweet mix of countryside aura and wild limestone Viet formations behind whose potential being noticed around 10 years ago by first time rock climbers coming to Catba.

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